Breaking Traditions - to Affect a Paradigm Shift in Horse Care

As of December 9, 2006
The Strasser Hoofcare Professionals of North America
are proud to announce the formation of their new association:

Equine Soundness Association!

The Equine Soundness Association (ESA) has been formed with every SHP in mind, former and present, as we are all connected by our desire to touch as many horses’ lives as possible. This is the beginning of a new era for Strasser Hoofcare Practitioners in North America, a new way of operating with a spirit of inclusiveness and cooperation.

The Equine Soundness Association (ESA) has formed four program committees and an executive board. Each committee is designed to provide input and directions for our North American SHP’s and to extend our outreach towards the education of horse owners through additional programs.

Proposed as part of ESA’s new strategic Commitment to Excellence plan, the program committees will be composed of - Education, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Secretarial committee chairs.

The Board of Directors meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of every month after 7:30 pm Pacific time, via. conference call. Their first meeting will be held in January 2007. As part of their work, the committees will review methods of allowing varied educational opportunities. They will overview the activities and job descriptions of all newly formed committees, suggest committee formation in new or unaddressed program areas, as well as begin program priorities for soliciting annual research, group insurance, conference participation, and new web-site programming.

Our members believe that the work and guidance of the new committees will result in the smoothed operations of our country management, allow the highest professional value by contributing and assisting in the knowledge of the horse by the transformation of equine husbandry into a more conscious, healthy, compassionate state of being.

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