The Strasser Hoofcare Professional
North America

Dedicated to a cause that is larger than each of us -- the health of the horse.

As pioneers in holistic equine care and soundness, Strasser Hoofcare Professionals are dedicated to assisting and educating owners in the total care of their horses. It is through the co-operative effort of the practitioner's teaching and work, along with the horse owner’s willingness and dedication to change, that healing occurs.

The Strasser Hoofcare Professionals represent the highest standard in barefoot hoof care. All SHPs participate in intensive training to attain their certifications. Every SHP participates in an annual Continuing Educational program in order to continue to expand their knowledge of how the trim affects the whole horse, in body, conformation, health and performance.

As SHPs, we offer an alternative to conventional methods by treating our horses with a holistic approach which involves body, mind, and spirit. Our goal is to empower owners to take responsibility in the overall health and care of their horses.

Our strength lies in the depth of our knowledge and experience. Both continue to expand through our international network of professionals who support each other to provide the best barefoot horse/hoofcare possible.

If you would like more information about becoming a Strasser Hoofcare Professional or need more information about finding one to help you, please contact:

Dr Steven Skinner, DVM, SHP
Equine Soundness Association
19300 SW Edy Rd.
Sherwood, OR 97140
1-503-625-7829, (choose option 2)