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Frequently asked questions
I have heard the Strasser way is too invasive. Is it possible to start slower?

This is a common misconception about The Strasser Method™. In comparison to other barefoot methods or the classical pasture trim, it is believed that The Strasser Method™ removes more hoof horn than necessary. In practice, a Strasser Hoofcare Professional™ only removes enough horn to achieve a ground parallel coffin bone, hoof mechanism, and making sure the horse can stand and walk comfortably (i.e. correctly loaded, vertical cannon bones, etc.). The practice of leaving excessive horn inhibits achieving these goals.

The following underlying principals govern hoof health:

* If the coffin bone is not ground parallel, forces on the hoof are not equally distributed and circulation is reduced due to the pinching off of the digital arteries.
* If hoof mechanism is not optimal, then circulation is not optimal.
* If circulation is not optimal, tissues are starved of nutrients, nerve function is impaired, and damage remains undetected.
* If circulation is not optimal, healing cannot be optimal.

An SHP is guided by these principles. Starting slower is a compromise and can delay or even prevent healing. Generally speaking, if the horse is lame to start with, you want to heal as quickly as you can, if the horse is not acutely lame, starting off a bit slower might be a viable option. At the end of the day, we want the horse to progress and get sound (physically, mentally, and emotionally).