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Frequently asked questions
Is it true that the Strasser Method™ only works on Rubber Clinic Flooring and actually doesn't work in the field?

Strasser Hoofcare Professionals™ around the world have reproduced sound horses by applying The Strasser Method™. Since there are relatively few facilities with rubber flooring, these cases have primarily been in the "field" not in a "clinic" environment. While the specialized rubber flooring in the clinic environment can decrease the healing time and comfort level of extremely sick horses, it is not necessary for the majority of cases. Clinic flooring is ideal in cases where the coffin bone has protruded the sole, the hoof capsule is sloughing off, or parts of the hoof are missing due to resections (note: not an approved procedure under The Strasser Method™) or large scale abscessing, and/or partial or complete loss of suspension due to founder episode. However, even these cases have been successfully treated in the field.