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Frequently asked questions
I have heard the Strasser trimming makes horses sore. Is this true?

One of the goals of The Strasser MethodTM is to restore circulation in the hoof. In cases where there does exist damaged tissue, more metabolism (i.e., inflammation) is necessary for healing. The increase in circulation from the trim restores nerve function and the horse "discovers" the internal tissue damage. As a result, inflammation, the natural process of healing, begins. As a result, the hoof becomes hypersensitive to any pressure points on the ground (i.e., rocks, sticks, roots, etc.). Until the horse has healed all the damage in its hooves, there is the potential that he is uncomfortable after every trim. This discomfort is evidence that there is damage inside the hoof. Continuing to support healing by soaking in water, continuous movement on firm, level terrain, and correct trimming is essential at this stage. Healing can only occur with the increased metabolism from this support.

Sensitivity to rough terrain is often mistaken for pain. Rough terrain is not suitable for horses in transition. However, horses with healthy hooves can be sensitive to rough ground if they haven't adapted to it. In order to adapt to rougher terrain, the horse must be conditioned by increasing the amount of time moving over that rough ground. The solution in the short term: utilize properly fitted hoof boots while riding. Your Strasser Hoofcare ProfessionalTM will be able to advise you and help you fit your boots.